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Uncontested Divorce with no Legal Assistance and Representation


Why obtain the services of an attorney when you and your spouse can affect a speedy and totally amicable divorce. The legislator and the judicial system have made this process possible for anyone without the need for legal representation. Our company has dedicated ourselves to make it possible for the individual to confidently handle and finalize the process yourself.

Once your order has been placed a legal representative will send you all required legal documents in order to complete your order.

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The Process

In the case of an Unopposed, Divorce wherefore there is NO dispute between yourself and your spouse about the divorce or what should happen, the fees are likely to be limited.

Should you need assistance for an Uncontested Divorce,( An uncontested divorce occurs when there are no disagreements between you and your spouse over any financial or divorce-related issues.) For the fee of only R990 ( Sheriff fees for your account ) you can be divorced in no time. We will draft all the documentation, make it available, together with step by step instructions, so you can proceed with your DIY Divorce. Should the divorce be opposed, assistance can be provided at additional cost.