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An antenuptial contract or ANC means that you are married out of community of property. The law recognizes you as two separate entities.

There are two types of ANC contracts:

Antenuptial contract without accrual …
Antenuptial contract with accrual

ANC without accrual

Assets acquired before or during the marriage remain separate throughout the course of the marriage. Assets are not shared and each partner has a separate estate

ANC with accrual

Each partner states the value of their respective assets at the beginning of marriage. Thereafter any assets are shared 50/50. One can state that specific assets be excluded from the accrual, such an inheritances, donations etc.


you both share in the wealth accumulated during marriage 
If each of you owned property before the marriage, it remains in your respective names 
You each conduct your own independent financial affairs 
If one of you goes into debt, it cannot be claimed from the estate of the other 
In the case of divorce, any assets made whilst married are shared, it doesn’t matter who acquired them, each partner’s current net asset value is calculated by subtracting all liabilities from assets 
The ANC can be tailored to suit your needs 
It protects the partner who remains at home to care for the family

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