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iRate HR Industrial Relations Discipline Software

iRate – IR sorting your HR (use our code LVBLEGAL) when signing up for iRate.NETREC / iRate / Industrial Relations Discipline Software

iRate is a one of a kind online discipline management system that empowers line managers to take control of their department’s human capital discipline process. Equipped with all legislative requirements as per South African labour law, iRate ensures that discipline applied is corrective and progressive, consistent and fair.

With the system allowing cutomized options to suit every client’s unique disciplinary code and policies, iRate not only keeps record of discipline applied, but also guides each line manager as to what charge and sanction to apply – even up to disciplinary enquiry level. iRate allows step by step guidance tested by professionals ensuring substantive and procedural fairness.

iRate allows in time application of discipline, as and when it happens, also building a file that can be utilised should a case be referred to the CCMA.

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