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Criminal and Civil actions

Civil cases are where a judge needs to decide on a dispute between you and someone else or a company.

Labour Disputes

The Labour Relations Act of 1995 (LRA) makes it very easy for employees to challenge alleged unfair dismissals.

Administration/Debt Review

People often asks what it means to be under debt review. We have simplified exactly what it means to be under debt review.


Entitle the tenant to bring a spoliation application to the High Court, ordering the landlord to give back occupation to the tenant.

Debt collections

Every small business owner knows the stress that comes with clients who don't pay when they're supposed to.

Divorce Matters

You can divorce in either the Regional Court of the Magistrate Court having jurisdiction in your area or in the High Court.


An ante-nuptial contract or ANC means that you are married out of community of property. We tailor contract to clients needs

Accounting Services, and more

Registrations, Comprehensive Monthly Bookkeeping Services, VAT, Debtors, Payroll and much much more.

DIY Services

Exclusive to LvB Legal. We provide online legal services. Simply place and order online and make payment with EFT Secure!

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